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“I am trying to access the new cash flow statement, but access is getting denied again and again an error message (Xero Error Code 500) is popping up.”- One of the Xero users said.

Xero Error Code 500

Are you facing a similar issue like this Xero user? Well, mishandled Xero API can lead to this error code 500. And whenever this problem occurs; creating transactions, credit notes or extracting accounting data becomes a hurdle. But you don’t have to worry anymore as we have so many ways to conquer this one. We identify your problem any use our effective techniques to discard the same.

However, there are some general solutions regarding this issue. Scroll more to have the guidance of Xero Support team. Here you go!

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Xero Error Code 500- Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes, this problem can happen from the service provider’s end. So, you must check the root of this issue beforehand. And to do so, go to the Xero status page to confirm if Xero is currently undergoing any system-wide problems that are disrupting the services or not. Additionally, check if this page is refreshed as issues are identified and resolved or not. If it’s the server error than you don’t have anything to do except waiting. But if it’s from your end, then you have a lot to do. Have a look at what you can do to recover your Xero,


Reload the page

Try to refresh the page
Windows users – press F5 on your keyboard or click the refresh arrow in your browser.
Mac users – press CMD + R or click the refresh arrow in your browser.

Clear your cookies and cache

Clear your cookies and cache. This makes sure that your browser is completely free of previous data. And you must remove all the cache and cookies periodically to be in the safe side and to save your account from any error.

Log in to Xero again

If you have logged into Xero using a bookmark in your browser, try refreshing the session. To perform this, you must log out from the account firstly. Then login to your account again. Hopefully, an issue will be sorted. If not then try the next process.

Try another browser or device

Log in from a different supported browser. Sometimes logging in from another device can fix this Xero error code 500.

Still having issues? Get in touch with us now. Here are the contact details of our Xero Support team. Choose one of the multiple channels and avail our Xero Help.

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Write to us at info@customerservice.us. Let us know the issue via mail. Don’t forget to send your contact details. We will get back to you in no time.

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