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QuickBooks and Sage both are the most popular business management services. Both of the products offer slightly different features that help you to run your business smoothly. There are some differences in this two software that we can easily notice. While Quickbooks is best for bookkeeping and accounting services, Sage 50 is a feature-rich project management service. There are some downsides of both the services, nevertheless, you cannot deny its benefits. Here in this post, we will discuss QuickBooks vs Sage.

quickbooks vs sage

Beneficial for Your Business- QuickBooks vs Sage

QuickBooks provides you with powerful accounting and bookkeeping tools and Sage helps you in keeping employees on-task when working on collaborative projects. Let’s check out first what are the benefits that QuickBooks offers:

Benefits of QuickBooks

QuickBooks is used by over millions of users. And the software is ruling the world since it first made in the 1990s. Today QB comes up with a new technology like cloud computing in order to simplify business management. Furthermore, it offers the new users a 30 days free trial.

When you are using this software, you don’t have to rely fully upon your accountants. Now check out what are the benefits that QB offers to its users.

Income and expense tracking: You can easily monitor how much money you are earning from your business and how much you are spending on your business.

Sync with bank accounts: QuickBooks synchronizes to your bank and credit card accounts directly. You can easily see all the transactions made in your accounts.

Bookkeeping tools: This one feature of QuickBooks differentiates the software from Sage One. The full suite of bookkeeping tools helps you with managing the business, including income and expense tracking, payroll management, and financial management tools.

Scalable plans: This feature allows you to use QB bookkeeping tools on the basic plan. With the help of this feature, you can get everything you need for your business. The lowest booking plan starts at $12.95 per month which offers you minimal features.

Benefits of Sage

Sage is generally a project management tool with a few basic bookkeeping features such as expense tracking and invoice reporting. Maybe this software is useful for your business, but it would not perform all the bookkeeping tasks your business needs. But Sage helps your business in a number of ways including:

Project management on the cloud: The project management tool in Sage One helps multiple employees simultaneously work on a single project. They can also collaborate together in the Cloud.

Invoices and Quotes: You can access unlimited invoices and quotes with your Sage One account. You can also send unlimited invoices and quotes to your customers.

Unlimited Collaborators: On the higher level plan of Sage software which is known as Sage One Accounting Standard, allows unlimited collaborators for your single project.

Scalable plans: The lowest plan of Sage One is Sage One Invoicing, it is mostly used for tracking income and expenses and sending invoices to businesses. The higher plan is Sage One Accounting Standard that helps you with rich features.

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QuickBooks VS Sage Supported Devices

Mobile apps: If you use an iPhone, iPad or an Android device, you can get the suite function on your smartphone. QuickBooks and Sage both offer their mobile apps to their users for making business tasks easier. With mobile apps, you can virtually perform important tasks such as tracking expenses and project collaboration.

Online access: You can access both the accounting software from internet connected devices. All your important data will sync across devices online. Even if you cannot install mobile apps, you can use your mobile browser to log in and view account data.

Cloud support: Sage and QuickBooks desktop both uses cloud servers to sync information across your devices. Furthermore, Sage offers cloud-based project management services to all its clients.

Compatibility: You can use Sage and QuickBooks alongside. However, they are completely compatible with each other.

Bank accounts: You can add bank accounts and your credit card account details to QuickBooks. Your account information will automatically sync on the accounting software. The Sage accounting software also allows you to add bank accounts to the platform, but there is no automatic sync option.

Online payments: Sage allows you to accept payment via Paypal from your clients. There are also built-in online payment processing system, Sage Payment Solutions, these functions enable you to accept credit card payments in exchange for your transaction fees. On the other hand, QuickBooks does not any kind of payment processing solution.

QuickBooks Vs Sage Pricing

QB Vs Sage

Free trial: You can get an excellent free trial on Sage software. You can use the software for free without entering your credit card info for a limited time period. You can use the full access of the Sage services during your trial. QB also offers a free trial but there you need to add your credit card details. But you can cancel your account before that 30 days trial period is over. But if you do not cancel your account, then you will be charged just like a subscription.

Unlimited Use: Sage lets you add an unlimited number of collaborators to help you with your projects. You can send unlimited invoices no matter what plan you are using. QuickBooks also offers you creating unlimited invoices and estimates.

Extra fees: Sage accounting software charges extra for adding account administrators to your account. All plans have a single administrator. If you want to add more admins, that would be $10 per month. Otherwise, the price will be the same. On the other hand, QB charges cost as per its services and features.

The more you are going to pay, the more features you are going to enjoy. To sync your account with online payroll option, you need to pay $2 per employee per month to file payroll taxes.

If you are looking for more information regarding Sage One and QuickBooks online, then you can talk to our experts. However, the information I have included in this post are all to compare Sage with QuickBooks. If you any questions about QuickBooks VS Sage, then you can always leave a comment below.

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