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QuickBooks is the most efficient business accounting software which tracks your business expenses with ease. So it is becoming the first choice of businessmen and entrepreneurs. But gradually this software is facing some errors and glitches. Commonly some of the mistakes are functional, some occur because of the wrong configuration, and some of them are server related. But most of the errors are data related. However, here is the complete QuickBooks Error Code List to let you know about each specific error that is occurring or may occur at any point of time while using QuickBooks.

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QuickBooks Error Code List

QuickBooks Error Code List

Company Registry Files Related Errors

QuickBooks-6000: When there is an issue with the company file QuickBooks Error-6000 occurs. Because QuickBooks wants to open, backup or restore a company file.

QuickBooks-6000-77: When there is a problem in the company file or QuickBooks wats to access the company file stored in the external media this QuickBooks-6000-77 occurs.

QuickBooks-6000-80: Whenever QuickBooks attempts to open a damaged or corrupted company file this error-6000-80 occurs.

QuickBooks-6000-82: When QuickBooks try to open or access the company files, stored in another computer system this error occurs.

QuickBooks-6000-83: if Company file is not installed correctly and QuickBooks try to open it then this error occurs.

QuickBooks-6000-301: when Company File is in the same place as that of the installed encryption Software and QuickBooks try to open it this error can occur.

QuickBooks-6000-816: this error code pops up when QuickBooks try to open a file which is already in use.

QuickBooks-6073-99001: If a Company file is opened by QuickBooks under multi-0user configuration then this error will pop up.

QuickBooks-6144: When QuickBooks is using an incorrect path to access company file then this error can happen.

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Other QuickBooks Error Code List

QuickBooks Error Code

QuickBooks-6123: When the network is in multi-user form, and QuickBooks opens a company file through this network, this error can occur. Not only this but also this error can happen during restoring process of Backup files.

QuickBooks-6073-816: This error can occur when Quickbooks try to open an already existing file.

QuickBooks-6129: This error can occur when you attempt to create a new file, or you try to open an existing one.

QuickBooks-6130,0: If QuickBooks wants to open a company file or want to reconcile an account this error can occur.

QuickBooks-6143: If QuickBooks using a corrupted registry file then this error can occur.

QuickBooks-6144-301: You will face this error when QuickBooks fails to access a company file.

QuickBooks-6147: If QuickBooks try to restore a damaged or entirely not updated backup file then this error may occur.

QuickBooks-6150: This error may arise at the time of program installation when simultaneously any related software is running.

However, if you face any of these error codes with your QuickBooks feel free to reach us. Our experts will fix your issue instantly. Hopefully, this article will come to your aid. For more information comment below.

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