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Microsoft Office has undoubtedly succeeded in carving out a niche for itself in the field of popular software suitable for students, professionals, businessmen and almost everyone who needs a software containing a multipurpose suite for his work. If you want to avail of all the apps by Microsoft Office suiting your needs, you need to complete Office setup on your device first. Once you complete it, you are all set to enjoy the awesome apps and services that Microsoft Office offers. Some of its best apps that make your work easy beyond imagination are Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Access, OneNote and so on.

office setup

To download Office on your device, you need to use product key for the paid version of Office. If you want to try out its features first before you decide on whether to buy it or not, you can do so by opting for the free version of the same.  You can download it and try it for free for a month.

You can excel in your work and skyrocket your performance if you install Microsoft Office on your system. Sometimes, a person faces problems when he tries to set up this office suite on his device. In such case, the person needs technical support for downloading Microsoft Office on his system. Different versions of Microsoft Office like Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2019 and the latest Office 365 present different issues and errors at times and the users fret.

To solve your queries and smoothen your process of downloading and installing Microsoft Office, www.office.com/setup is where you should head for. Visiting it will give you the best experience and tech support for you problems with installing, uninstalling, or other technical issues with Microsoft Office.

Get ready to start Microsoft Office: Visit office.com/setup

If you have made up your mind to use Microsoft Office for your purpose after testing it in the free trial period, you’ll have to redeem your product key that you get with your Office purchase. It is a 25-digit code in alphanumeric form that you need to type in to unlock the paid features of Microsoft Office.


If you want to setup Office on your system, you need to follow a fixed procedure for it. The procedure will vary according to what device you want to install your Office on. Microsoft Office is compatible with almost all devices that make it intriguing further.

Office Setup guide: For Mac & PC

If you want Office setup on your device, you can follow a standard procedure for the device you possess. The installation steps differ from device to device, so you need to understand what steps you must follow for your device.

(A) For desktop/PC 

You have to buy Microsoft Office suite first to use it. You can choose from online or offline modes to buy it. In both cases, you will be provided with a product key. It is the unique code in alphanumeric you need to use to setup Office on your PC. This key comes along with your product if bought from a retail shop and through an email if bought online.

Second thing you must have is an account with Microsoft Office. An active Microsoft account is a must for you to have Microsoft office on your system. If you don’t have an active Microsoft account, visit office.com/setup, create an account on it. After creation of your account, log in to it. After you are done with login, you can go through the steps that follow to understand what you need to do to activate Office.

1.Steps to download Microsoft Office

After accomplishing a successful sign-in, you will get to see a page on the screen of your computer. This page will have an orange ‘Install Office’ button on it. Click on it.

Note: If you want to use Microsoft Office through your work or school account, visit office.com/setup, navigate to ‘Install Office apps’ from there to begin to start its downloading.

2.Steps to install Microsoft Office

After a successful download of Office on PC, follow a proper series of steps to finish its installation.

-On completion of download, the file will show up in the folder ‘Downloads’. If your default folder is not ‘Downloads’, you will find the file for Microsoft Office setup in the folder you selected for the purpose of downloads.

-Once you find the file, click ‘Run’, ‘Setup’, or ‘Save File’ depending on the browser you are using.

-The installation will initiate.


After completion of installation, a message will be displayed on your computer screen to notify you that the process of installation is over.

-A ‘Close’ button will be there on the screen. Click on it after installing it.

Though it is not a difficult procedure, you might get stuck up with it at times. To fix your  problem quickly, you can visit support.office.com.

3.Steps to activate Microsoft Office

If you accomplish the download and installation of Microsoft Office on your system, you can activate Office easily through steps that follow.

-To activate Microsoft Office and use its apps, select ‘Start’ button. Type in the name of the app you want to use. If you want to open Microsoft PowerPoint, type its name in the search bar.

-The icon of the app you entered the name of will show up. Click on it.

-The license agreement for the app will show up. After reading it, press ‘Agree’ to continue.
Your Office app is active after it. Activate other apps in the same way.

Note – The procedure of installation of Business version is almost same as that in Home version of Microsoft Office. What differs is that you can’t see ‘Install’ button unless you have access to the license of Microsoft Office. To get the license for it, you must approach your IT team or Office admin for it. If you are an admin yourself, you can use the apps. To check for your license, you need to go to ‘Settings’. Without the license to activate Office, you can end up facing errors like unavailability of ‘Install’ button in the course of an attempt to install Office, an error message in the course of an attempt to sign-in to OneDrive or automatic redirection to ‘Settings’  while  trying to use an app like Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc. The rest of the procedure for Office setup is same as that in ‘Home version’ after getting access to the license.

(B) For Mac 

An exciting characteristic of Microsoft Office is its compatibility with every platform.  You can use Office on your Mac device also. The sign-in procedure by visiting  www.office.com/setup for ‘Home’ and ‘Business’ versions is same as that for PC. The difference lies in the next steps of installation, launching and activation of it.

1.Steps to install Office on Mac

-Open up ‘Finder’ on your Mac.

-Select ‘Downloads’.

-Click on the file ‘Microsoft Office installer.pkg’ in ‘Downloads’.

-The installation screen that appears first will have a ‘Continue’ button on it. Click on it.

-Review the software license agreement and proceed by clicking ‘Continue’ below.

-The next screen will contain the terms and conditions for the use of Office with an ‘Agree’  button that follows it. Read them and press the button to accept the agreement.

-Select the way to install Microsoft Office that suits you better. Press ‘Continue’.

-You can check the disk requirements or change the location to store installed Office. After  making all adjustments, go to the ‘Install’ button and click it.

Note: If you don’t need all apps of Microsoft Office, you can install selected apps by clicking ‘Customize’ and unchecking the apps you don’t want to install on your phone.

-Entering Mac login password and clicking ‘Install Software’ post it will initiate the installation of the software will begin to take place.

-Installation takes some time to complete. Wait for it and don’t press ‘Refresh’ button during it.

-Press ‘Close’ button at the end of the installation.

2.Steps to launch Office on Mac

-Click on the Launchpad icon showing up in Dock. Clicking it will let you see all your apps.

-Click on the icon of ‘Microsoft Word’ in the Launchpad. Click it.

-Launching an app will open up ‘What’s New’ window. Select ‘Start Activation’ to initiate activation.

3.Steps to activate Office on Mac

-Fill in the email address registered with Office for the Mac device you own. Click on the ‘Next’ button. Enter password to achieve a successful sign-in.

-The system will verify and confirm if you have the necessary license. After confirming this, it will activate Microsoft Office on your device. You can use Microsoft Office on your Mac device now.

Sometimes, a user gets stuck up with a step during Microsoft Office download, installation or activation. If you face an error during the entire procedure, you can get the tech support from support.office.com/setup. You will get the fix of your issues and errors in a jiffy.

At times, the problem persists despite the best efforts from your side. In that case, think of uninstalling your Office setup. You can follow simple steps to uninstall Office successfully.

Steps to uninstall Microsoft Office From PC

-Open Control Panel on your PC.

-Open ‘Programs’ and click ‘Uninstall or change a program’.

-Choose the icon of Microsoft Office and select ‘Uninstall’ from the right-click menu.

-The uninstallation may take up some time. Wait for it to take place.

-Close the window of ‘Programs and Features’ after it.

-Shut down your computer. Start it again.

Steps to uninstall Microsoft Office From MAC

-Go to ‘Finder’ and open it. Click on ‘Applications’.

-Click an application with ‘Ctrl’ key and delete it by moving it to trash.

The moment you face an issue in the course of uninstallation of Microsoft Office, you can visit support.office.com/setup. You will get the tech support you need.

Steps to re-install Microsoft Office by visiting office.com/setup.

-Start the system again.

-Visit www.office.com/setup, sign in to your MS account.

-Download the version you bought again.

-Follow the same steps again to accomplish Office Setup.

-Type in your original product key to install it again.

If you are baffled at any trouble, error or issue with Office download, installation or activation, feel free to contact the expert technicians at support.office.com/setup. You will not only get a quick solution to your issue but also will get the appropriate guidance to avoid similar issues in the future. The support team of support.office.com/setup is ready every time to solve your issues.

You can get the best technical support and guidance for Microsoft Office download and setup Office with it.

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