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Advancement of computer technology has lead viruses and malware get in the game. Such malware is created by hackers and has the capacity to steal the personal data and information of a user without giving any prior notice to them. Norton started creating effective antivirus software, programs, and applications that are at present helping people from all over the world swiftly handle any kind of deadly virus and malware at ease. Installing such programs to a computer system involves a simple setup process; yet, many people do find it difficult to complete the process. In order to start and finish the Norton setup process without meeting up with any type of technical or system related errors, you need to get in touch with the technical executive team who are well-versed and available all through the day to clear any such queries at bay.

Norton setup in a computer system – The Initial Stage

Other than providing premium feature built antivirus programs at a competitive price rate, Norton does let its user try their products in the form of free trial periods. Such time distinction enabled software program can let a user learn the best ways to make use of the software and the features that come with them. Below mentioned is the basic setup process that anyone can follow up to create a Norton account, download and install the premium package antivirus program or even the trial version as per their convenience.

1.Visit com/setup from a web browser that is less prone to virus attacks like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

2.From the loaded web page, make a click upon the ‘Sign in’ button

3.If you are an existing Norton account user, then enter down your email ID and password credentials to sign in to your account

Norton setup

4.Users who are new to Norton or in a need to create a new account shall instead click upon the ‘Create an Account’ tab

5.Provide your name, user name, email ID, password, phone number, country or region to complete setting up a Norton account


6.Afterward, use the same credentials to successfully sign in to check with the available list of Norton antivirus software and programs

7.From the displayed list, you get the privilege to choose the antivirus program and package that can let you meet up with your need and use

8.You can either opt to download the free trial version or subscribe to a package and then download them with a pre-installed Norton product key

9.After subscribing to a Norton package, the Norton product key shall be sent as an email

10.Sign back to your Norton account through norton.com/setup page

11.Click upon ‘My Norton’ button to visit your subscription page

12.Your recently purchased subscription can be found under the ‘My Subscription’ tab

13.Enter Norton product key code to activate the subscription

14.In the next page, the download link will be made available with the Norton product key pre-activated

15.Download the file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process without facing any kind of hurdle.

You can also enter Norton setup product key after downloading and installing the trial version as well. If any of the above-mentioned steps are not followed properly, then completing the Norton product installation process shall be a hurdle. At such situations, reach out to the technical team who are experts in listening up to the queries and find multiple solutions that can help the user in one way or other. Their stepwise guide can literally help anyone to wisely install and activate the premium subscription features.

Things to consider before starting with the initial Norton setup process

To avoid meeting up with random installation related errors, we do recommend everyone to follow below-mentioned things at first.

  • -Make sure to choose the Norton product that meets up with your system requirements like processor, hard disk space, RAM and operating system
  • -Complete any kind of pending operating system related updates
  • -Clear up junk and temporary files by entering into the registry section of your computer
  • -Login through the ‘Admin’ profile in your computer to install the Norton product.

Norton removal tool plays a significant role in Norton setup Process

Download Norton removal tool to your computer system to remove other party antivirus software and programs that are already installed to them.

norton removal tool

Having other party antivirus software programs shall definitely hinder up the installation process and restrict your computer from completing the setup process as well. The Norton removal tool has been built specifically to remove any type of antivirus software, including previous versions of Norton products that were earlier installed and used by the user.

Finding the Norton product key

norton setup enter key code 25 digit

The Norton setup enter key code 25 digit number can be found on the back part of the CD, if you have purchased Norton product along with premium subscription from an offline source.

People who have bought Norton product through a reliable online source can find out their unique Norton product key mailed to their Norton account email ID.

You can even send out the Norton setup with key file to another user by mentioning their email ID after purchasing the subscription plan online.

Common errors faced while starting or completing the Norton setup process

There are certain countable common errors that can happen while trying to install Norton product on a computer system, irrespective of meeting up with the system requirements. Report such errors with the technical support executives who are handling the toll-free support number to find a valuable solution in a short span of time.

The following is a list of common errors that can be reported to the support executives any part of the day:

Norton error 8504, 104:

This common error gets displayed in the form of an error message and mostly happens when another security program is found to be running in the background.

The Norton removal tool is the only solution to this particular error and it can indefinitely remove such disturbing third-party security programs completely from your computer.

Norton error: 3048

This error arises after completing the Norton setup process; if at all an update is pending within the software. It can be avoided by updating the Norton product to the latest available version. Open up the Norton program and click upon the ‘Security’ tab and then select ‘Live Update’ from the drop-down menu box. The available update file will get displayed on the screen.

Follow up the on-screen instruction to check for updates and then download and install the upgrade file within the software itself. Once the process gets completed, we do recommend in restarting the computer to effectively finish the update process.

Norton error 421, 65559, 3039:

These number based errors happen for random reasons, yet, they can be quickly resolved by using Norton removal tool or by running the Norton Power Eraser.

The NPE (Norton Power Eraser) can automatically scan your computer for malware, viruses or other errors that have bought in these error messages in the first place. After recognizing the real reason, the program itself will help in resolving them at ease.

Invalid Norton product key:

The ‘Invalid Norton product key’ error might randomly appear while trying to activate the recently purchased Norton product premium subscription. At such situations, contact the technical executives to find the actual reason behind the error message. They shall help in remotely scanning your computer for malware or viruses that can easily bring out such an error message. By following their guidance, you need to complete the Norton setup and enter product key to activate your Norton premium subscription.

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