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Having issues with your MYOB AccountRight? Just ran a synchronization and found error messages? Don’t know what to do? Well, you can keep aside all the worries. As here is the article on MYOB Errors. Sometimes things don’t go according to you, and then you get interrupted again and again in the middle of your work. Generally, an error message pops up on your screen and your MYOB stucks.

MYOB Errors Resolve

However, if you can’t recognize the cause on your own then you must go through the following article. You will get to know about the causes and some easy fixes regarding MYOB Errors.

MYOB Errors- Easy Fixes

MYOB Datafile Error

General causes for this error is, you’ve upgraded MYOB and not returned to the Synergy Connect Settings to make necessary changes to sync to your upgraded MYOB datafile which is most likely residing in a new location.

  • Within Synergy open Connect > MYOB Connect > Settings
  • On the General tab check, the Version matches your current MYOB version
  • On the MYOB Connection tab, ensure the data file path is where your current MYOB data file resides and that the MYOB Executable also matches your current MYOB version
MYOB Errors

Unable To Determine If Import Has Finished

If you have logged into MYOB, make sure you are running the sync in Single user mode. Ensure there are no users currently connected to MYOB when running the sync.  Also that you may have a transaction dated outside your locked period. Exclude any transactions from the sync that are dated before your locked period in MYOB. It may also be due to timing out issues connecting the PC to the server. It may also be that another person attempted to open the MYOB data file while you were running the sync.

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An Object Reference Is Not Set Properly

Check that the relevant account codes have been assigned. For example, if you’ve set Expenses to sync using Expense Types, ensure that the applicable expense codes have been set up against the expense types.

  • Expense type account code setup
  • Discipline account code setup
  • Centre Cost account code setup

Payment Errors

Failed to send payment for an invoice to MYOB because – customer not found. Received payment not imported

When an invoice is created in Synergy, it is linked to a Contact record. When payments attempt to sync it will search for the Contact name attached to the invoice when the invoice was first created. If the contact name is changed in MYOB or Synergy the payment cannot transfer.

  • Change the name in MYOB and Synergy to match exactly the contact name associated with the original invoice
  • To find this, double-click the Invoice (don’t open in the word) from the invoices tab within the project. The name displayed here should be matched in both systems
  • Run the sync and the payment will go across
  • Locate Card ID’s to learn more

Failed To Send Payment – Invalid Date?

Ensure your system date in Regional settings is set to dd/mm/yyyy and all regions are Australia, not the United States

  • The payment types in MYOB are set to a standard list
  • In MYOB go to Lists > Sales and Purchases information > Payment methods
  • Check that the payment method on the left is attached to the relevant Method type on the right
  • Payment deleted from Synergy though wasn’t deleted from MYOB
  • There is no function to remove invoices or credits from MYOB

However, now you know how to fix the MYOB Errors when it’s not working properly. Try these troubleshooting steps firstly, if issues do not get fixed, call our support team to help you with that. Leave a comment below and we will get back to you in no time.

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