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Malware and viruses have always been a threat to personal computer, laptop and to mobile device as they are prone to steal your data and even slow down the performance of the device for no reason at all. Such deadly viruses can be downloaded when you tend to make a single click upon a suspicious link while browsing the internet like you do on a regular basis. To avoid such occurrences from happening in the first place, visit mcafee.com/activate to protect your device and your privacy from getting attacked in the name of cyber-crime.

By successfully installing and activating McAfee to your device, no kind of online or offline threats shall come by your way.

Basic guidelines for McAfee Activate


Provide a definite protection to your device by downloading, installing and activating McAfee in them. To let you complete the downloading process at ease, we are providing a stepwise guide that you can follow up to complete the entire McAfee activate process at ease.

-With multiple McAfee products available to download, you need to choose with the one that can go with your need and the type of device in which you are about to install them.

-Beforehand downloading the McAfee product, make sure your device meets up with the system requirements to install them without facing any kind of installation related errors.

Ignoring the above mentioned points shall let you face multiple issues with the product while handling them to remove any kind of threats from your device. Also, it is highly recommended to remove any kind of security programs that are previously installed to your device before starting off with the actual McAfee security software installation process.

Follow stepwise guide representing the McAfee Antivirus download process

1.Visit mcafee.com/activate through any web browser

2.To get into the download page, you need to enter your McAfee account login and password details under the prescribed boxes

3.If it’s your first time to download a McAfee product, then you need to create a McAfee account in the first place

4.In the homepage, look out for a ‘Sign Up’ button and make a click upon them

5.Enter your email ID, password and other details as mentioned in the sign up page to instantly create your McAfee account

6.After that, login to your account and from the list of varied McAfee products choose the one that shall go easy with your purpose behind installing McAfee security related product to your device

7.By selecting the product along with the subscription for the same, the Download button shall be made available in the next page.

8.Make sure to read through the terms and conditions, beforehand downloading the selected McAfee product.

McAfee product installation process

Once you have downloaded the McAfee product, you need to follow up below-mentioned steps to install the program effectively without errors and glitches up fronting during the installation process.

1.Visit the drive in which the McAfee program has been downloaded to recently

2.Double click on the downloaded file to initiate the installation process

3.A pop-up menu will open up requesting admin access to start the process

4.Provide valid access by entering the user id along with password of your device

5.After entering them, make a click on the Next button

6.Follow the on-screen instructions and select the features that you wish to use through the McAfee product

7.After making your preferences ticked, make a click upon the Install button

8.The installation process will get automatically completed and notify you to restart your device

9.Select the ’Restart Now’ to reboot your device.

Before starting to use the McAfee program, make sure the McAfee activate process is successfully completed by entering the McAfee activate product key that are much needed to let you access every other subscribed feature that you have opted while downloading the program in the first hand.

The McAfee activate 25 digit code number can be found from the inbox of the mail id that you have used to login and download the McAfee program online. If at all the McAfee product has been purchased from an offline store, the McAfee activate product key shall be listed on the installation CD or over the provided retail card.

www.mcafee.com product activation process

Following are the steps to follow while activating a McAfee product through www.mcafee.com activate card.

1.From the provided retail or activate card, look out for a website link

2.Type in the exact web link on a web browser to start the McAfee activate process on your computer or laptop

3.Select the country along with your preferred language from the loaded webpage

4.The card also holds the McAfee activate product key that can be found on the backside of them

5.It needs to entered along with your email ID to instantly activate your recently purchased McAfee product
McAfee activate

6.After entering the product keys, click by the Submit button to complete the activation process and start downloading the program from the next page to secure your data from any kind of malware or virus attack.


McAfee MTP Retail Card Buying Guide

McAfee Activate process done through a retail card has various beneficiary services added to them like Wi-Fi protection, privacy security, data backup and much more.

You need to visit www.mcafee.com/activate to either redeem your existing retail card or to buy a new one online.

Following is a simple stepwise guide stating the methods to purchase a McAfee Retail Card through official online store.

Purchasing Retail Card Online

1.Enter com/activate in a web browser and then from the homepage login to your McAfee account

2.You can even login to your McAfee account using the provided McAfee activate 25 digit code that has been emailed after purchasing a McAfee product online

3.After logging into your account, select with the McAfee product for which you are about to buy a retail card online

4.Enter down the on-screen required details to purchase the retail card

5.After the online purchase has been successfully made, an email carrying the activation link shall be sent to your provided mail id

6.Open up the McAfee software from your PC or laptop and then move towards the Activate section

7.Enter down the key from the activation link that has been emailed earlier to start using your subscribed beneficiaries.

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If you are facing any hurdles while activating, downloading or installing a McAfee product to your computer, laptop or to other devices, you can clear your queries by reaching the professional executives who are available 24/7. The toll-free support number is handled by certified technicians who are trained periodically to get rid of your McAfee product related issues.

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