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HP printer has been making the daily busy life of millions of individuals easier with their unique printing and scanning technologies. Being the leading printer manufacturer, HP printers do have their own errors and issues when it comes to completing the HP setup process. Troubleshooting HP printer related issues shall never be a problem if you have contacted the support team in a timely manner.

Hp All in One Printer Wireless Protected Setup Wizard

Wirelessly HP printer can be connected in two unique ways, one is by using SSID along with the password, and the second is through Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). The general steps for connecting and completing the HP setup process wirelessly to a smartphone or other device is as follows:
1. At first, turn on the printer
2. From the printer control panel select the ‘Settings’ icon and then navigate to ‘Network Setup’
3. Under the ‘Network Setup’ list select ‘Wireless Menu’

4. Now select ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ and then confirm the action by pressing the ‘OK’ icon
5. The wizard shall automatically search for the available list of Wi-Fi networks and display the same as results
6. From the listed networks, select the network that you are looking forward to set up printer wirelessly and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process

7. Enter down the SSID of the Wi-Fi home network along with the password to complete the entire setup process.
If at all a hp printer software update is available, make sure to download them at first and then move forward with the wireless hp setup process. The HP printer can also be connected to your router directly by using the WPS button. The WPS button present on both the printer and router must be pressed at the same time to let them automatically detect one another and get connected instantly to the mutual home network.

HP setup process for Mac users

The HP printer setup process for the Mac operating system is certainly different when compared to the Windows operating system. The following is the basic printer setup process for Mac users:
1. To start with the 123 hp setup process, the HP printer, Mac and router must be turned on simultaneously
2. Mac must be connected to the home wireless network
3. Press upon the wireless icon that can be found on the HP printer control panel
4. Select the ‘Settings’ icon
5. Enter into the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ by making a selection on them
6. The wizard will search and display the Wi-Fi networks that are available to connect
7. Select your home Wi-Fi network to initiate the HP printer wireless setup process
8. Get back to your Mac and then open up the HP printer software program
9. Click upon the ‘Apple’ menu and then select ‘About This Mac’
10. From the drop-down list select ‘Software Updates’ and let the software search for latest available updates
11. Click upon the ‘Updates’ icon to update the printer software to the latest version that has numerous new features added in them
12. After completing the update process, visit ‘System Preferences’ from the ‘Apple’ menu to start scanning or printing wirelessly through Mac
13. Click upon the plus sign that can be found on the lower part of the window and then select the HP printer device name
14. If at all the printer name is not listed, then click upon ‘Add Printer’ icon and then type in the HP printer name
15. Quit the application and restart it to complete the wireless hp setup process for printer and scanning purposes in Mac.
The above-mentioned HP printer wireless setup process for Mac users can be done in a swift; if at all the setup process has been followed by the user perfectly. Certain setup related errors shall appear due to various systems configuration issues. Such issues can be reported with the technical executives who are available to clear them out any part of the day. The technical executives can be contacted by dialing the mentioned toll-free number or by initiating an instant online chat session with them.

Troubleshooting common hp setup issues

There are certain issues that occur commonly with users who try to complete the HP printer setup process without following the proper setup instructions that are listed in 123.hp.com. The following is a list of issues that are reported with the technical executives every other day and can be quickly resolved, as the entire technical team has been trained to clear such queries at bay.
 Corrupted hp software and driver
 Printing paper gets randomly jammed within the spooling area
 Difficulty in configuring the initial hp scanner and printer setup process
 Low printing speed
 Multiple papers get picked up by the paper feeder
 Computer hangs after initiating hp driver update process
 Printer and ink cartridge jams out of poor connectivity
 HP scanner doesn’t recognize the paper and images that you are in a need to scan and print.

Solving HP printer issues after updating to latest Windows 10 update

The latest Windows 10 operating system has a wide number of user beneficiaries; yet, your pre-connected HP printer shall either stop printing or come up with random issues while trying to take a print out of them.
The following are the possible ways to quickly resolve this particular Windows 10 update related issue with your HP printer.
 Updating to Windows 10 shall highly reflect upon your HP printer if at all the HP software and driver related to the Windows updates are not downloaded in the first place.

Visit 123hp.com/setup to find the right driver update file that has been released in particular for your HP printer model number and for Windows 10 operating system.
 Before trying to update the driver, try restarting the system as it can even solve the printing issue in a swift.
 The technical executive shall provide the hp support assistant download link that has the capacity to find the compatibility issues of Windows 10 causing the printing issues in the first place.
 Run ‘Microsoft printing troubleshooter’ to automatically detect and then fix with the issues that have been hindering the printing experience.
If the problem still persists even upon trying all the above-mentioned steps, then you need to completely uninstall the HP printer software and set up printer like a new one. Reach out to the technical executives who are highly trained to find out the origin of these Windows 10 update issues with HP printer and with their guidance you can get back to printing and scanning process within a few minutes of the time period.

Solving the HP printer offline issue

The HP printer and scanner that have been successfully connected after completing the initial HP setup process shall stay offline in terms of connectivity status for various reasons. Solving them manually will definitely be a tiring task and this is where ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ shall help in instantly fixing the connectivity issue.
1. Visit 123.hp.com to download the ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ program
2. Click upon the ‘Download Now’ button to start with the download action. You can download the file to any local drive

3. After the download gets completed, run the program as ‘Administrator’
4. Once the program gets installed, restart your computer and then open them
5. To choose your HP printer model number by click upon the ‘Choose Your Product’ icon

6. If at all your printer is not listed, then click upon the Retry button to again search for your connected HP printer
7. After selecting the desired HP printer model number if the screen displays a message prompting to turn on printer updates, then do so by clicking the ‘Yes’ button
8. Make your troubleshooting decision based upon the issue that you are at present facing, either by clicking the ‘Fix Printing’ button or the ‘Fix Scanning’ button

9. The ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ will automatically find for problems and instantly fix them as well

Also, make sure to select the HP printer as your default printer but clicking the ‘Yes’ button while a message gets prompted asking for the same. After providing the above-mentioned permissions, the HP printer shall instantly come back online and you can indefinitely start printing and scanning as per your need.
If at all these steps are not said to be fixing the HP printer connectivity issue, then reach out to the executives who are experts in solving them. They shall provide multiple solutions that you can easily adapt and apply in a swift.

Common HP scanner issues

There are certain HP printers manufactured by HP to provide both printing and scanning purpose simultaneously. If your HP printer is one such and has been experiencing any of the below-mentioned HP scanner issues in recent times, then it’s time to get in touch with the support team.
 Random error message pops up while trying to connect with the scanner
 ‘Computer not found’ error message
 Scan to computer is temporarily unavailable
 Scanner not found
 Scanner is unreachable
 The scanner setup process could not be initialized
All these error messages happen due to various reasons, yet, not updating to the latest available HP printer driver shall be the major reason. Contact the support team to get valid hp printer driver download links that can be wisely utilized to solve any of these error messages.

Contacting the technical team to complete the HP setup process

Toll-free Number Support: The technical executive team is friendly in nature and they can be reached at a convenient time. The HP printer support number is toll-free and you will never be charged for reaching with us in the first hand.
Virtual Support: The best part about the support system is the virtual support that we tend to provide to customers who are unable to find the origin of their HP printer related issues. Through virtual support process, the executives shall remotely troubleshoot the errors in your computer after getting proper concern to take forward such actions.
Instant Online Chat Support: The online chat portal is widely available 24/7 and the executives handling them are trained to understand your 123.hp.com/setup related queries by communicating effectively through the chat session. You get the privilege to initiate the chat session any part of the day and a professional executive will be allotted immediately to address your HP printer issue

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